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Once the decision was made to enter the exciting world of International Limb fitting (ILF) recurves; I spent the next 2 years steadily and patiently working through multiple designs and field testing. Considerable time and resources were spent learning about carbon fiber limbs and achieving maximum performance in recurve bows. The results are indisputable; carbon limbs have proven to be faster, quieter and more accurate than glass limbs.

Now that I had a great working model of limbs, it was time to design a matching aluminum riser bow. My goal was to design a riser that was extremely durable, lightweight, and had little to no flex; and thus yielding a more accurate and efficient bow. But that’s not all; I also wanted to incorporate anti-vibration technology making this bow dead in the hand. And thus the Avian's riser was created from a single billet of 6061 aircraft aluminum.

One of the great features of the Avians’ riser is found in the back of the limb pocket where I installed a square block for the limb yoke to fit around. This square block gives the limb three alignment contact points; ensuring a more positive limb/riser union which is far better suited for a hunting bow. On the side of the riser, is a beautiful piece of exotic inlaid wood. Another feature of the Avian’s riser is the adjustable tiller which typically allows for 3lbs of draw weight adjustment, making tuning a simple process. The riser to limb connection uses a standard ILF dovetail. The Avian’s riser weighs in at a comfortable 2 ½ lbs. I designed the Avian’s riser to have the look and feel of a wood riser with all the benefits of an aluminum one.

When it comes to grips, everyone is a little different. So I outfitted the Avian's riser with a grip I designed and is made by Jager grips. Individuals can customize their own grips or even get a Hoyt tournament grip (black plastic) or the ever popular Loesch grips.

The complete Avian consists of an aluminum riser with grip, a pair of carbon/wood limbs, two Flemish strings, and a bow stringer. The Avian riser is 19” and is offered with your choice of three different limb lengths. Available finished bow lengths are 60”, 62” and 64”. The Avian's draw weights are offered from 40 to 70 pounds in 5 pound increments. The Avian will be available in two camouflage patterns, hardwoods and predator brown. The Avian riser will also be available in black with wood grain limbs. Camouflage limbs can be ordered with a black riser as well. In the near future I will be offering the Avian in a target model with some exciting fun colors, so be sure to watch for that.

The Avian is an “all American made” ILF recurve. The Avian is a very well balanced, fast, quiet and extremely accurate bow. Being pre-drilled for sights, a cushion plunger, and a stabilizer makes the Avian a very versatile bow. I have also pre-drilled quiver mounting holes in this riser. I hope you will take advantage of this offer and try the Avian. I’m confident that you will fall in love with this great shooting bow.