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Spare Limbs

Spare limbs are offered with your choice of three different limb lengths made with a proprietary carbon fiber, wood core process in either the standard ILF fit or the proprietary Avian Bows fit. Available length would make a finished bow length of 60”, 62” and 64” if they are used on an Avian Bow. The draw weights are offered from 40 to 70 pounds in 5 pound increments. There is also a choice of several different screened on patterns. Vista Hardwoods, Predator Brown or Zebrawood. Call about other patterns available. Please note that for every inch your riser is shorter than 19" the draw weight will increase 1 lb. and for ever inch your riser is longer than 19" it will decrease 1 lb. The Carbon Weave style is more labor intensive so I am afraid I have to charge more for them.